Responsible and informed are the best ways to make any important decision. Make sure that your memorial plans are made in accordance to your personal wishes and with all options considered. At Brimer Monument Company we striveto meet your personal and financial requirements and create a sense of comfort for your family. There are many reasons to make memorial arrangements on a “pre-need” basis and it only takes a short amount of time with one of our experienced designers to create something special for you.

Pre-need planning can solve several things many families encounter during difficult times.

  1. It completes your estate planning: The importance of estate planning is easy to identify Many people however, do not automatically associate their memorial arrangements with the rest of their estate planning. If pre-need planning is done with both spouses, it eliminates the burden on a surviving spouse or family members. Furthermore, considerable savings and better quality can be found when time and consideration are put in to purchasing a memorial, instead of having to make a decision under a stressful and difficult circumstance.
  2.  Eliminate a guessing game: If you are involved in planning your memorial then the choice will reflect your direct wishes. This alleviates family members from having to make decisions based on what they think you would want. During a time where emotions are high, a clear choice is always a welcome choice.
  3.  Your insurance will provide its intended coverage: If your final wishes are pre-planned and paid for, your remaining insurance will cover the expenses for which it was intended. This further provides security for those you love the most
  4. The decision will not be made during an emotional time: During times of grief it can be very difficult to make important decisions. A pre-need arrangement will relieve stress, and provide comfort for your family.
  5. Eliminate uncertainties: Finances can change, therefore delaying memorial purchases for families after the passing of a loved one. With a pre-need purchase, your personalized memorial can be assured.