Would it be possible to get a pet memorial or address stone done by Brimer Monument Company?

Stone Creations, a division of Brimer Monument Company, does engravings on river stone, granite, and rock for pet memorials, address markers, or garden décor.

Do you offer other sandblasting services?

We can sandblast various items for any individual or company. From parts, to antiques, to boats and tractors we would be happy to help you with any refurbishing or project that may need sandblasting.

What areas of Tennessee do you serve?

We regularly serve Knoxville and the fifteen surrounding counties but we often do work from Crossville, to Chattanooga all the way to Bristol Tennessee.

Does Brimer Monument Company honor tax exempt companies?

Yes, we frequently do work for local schools, churches, and non-profits.

May I review the proof of my monument before it is engraved?

Of course! We provide a custom designed, full scale drawing for your approval prior to engraving.

What does a warranty from Brimer Monument Company cover?

Brimer Monument Company provides the industry’s best consumer protection warranty through Elberton Granite Association, which inspects the granite we purchase and insures that any defects that occur during the lifetime of a memorial, due to the workmanship of the monument will be replaced or repaired at no cost to the family.

Will proper measures be taken to protect against settling or leaning of a memorial?

Yes, all monuments are installed on a concrete foundation which is included in the purchase price and the lifetime warranty.

If the stone becomes dirty and needs to be cleaned can that be done by Brimer Monument Company?

Yes we can clean monuments in various ways, either with a cleaning agent or light sand blasting. Cost will depend on the size of the monument.

The cemetery where I purchased my plot says that I must purchase the monument from them in order to have a warranty on my memorial, is this true?

No. When you purchase a memorial there is a cemetery fee that is included whether your buy a memorial from the cemetery or from a monument company. This fee includes maintenance, perpetual care, installation and other services which must be performed by law by the cemetery regardless of where the memorial was purchased. The cemetery will not cover the workmanship of a monument you purchase from another company, but if you purchase from Brimer Monument Company our full and unconditional lifetime warranty will cover the workmanship of the monument in addition to the maintenance the cemetery must provide.

Are all imported granites the same?

No, some cheaper, imported, granites are inferior and have been dyed or oil has been applied to hide defects. Overtime, this low quality granite will fade and discolor. Our higher quality granites are factory warrantied to be both denser and to maintain a higher quality color. While this quality is reflected in the price, ultimately, money will be saved when the memorial lasts a lifetime.

Are there different qualities of granite?

Yes! Great care must be taken when purchasing a memorial. Our perpetual full warranty guarantees the memorial has been under the strictest quality standards and is free from defects in material or workmanship.

What is the average price for a memorial?

Prices vary mostly depending on granite size, color, and engraving detail. Most flat markers start at $275.00 and upright monuments at $990.00

How long does it take to have the memorial installed?

The average time frame from design to installation is about 4-6 weeks. However, if the granite needs to be special ordered, or a special design is desired, the time frame could vary.