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7108 Asheville Highway
Knoxville, TN 37924

Family Monuments

Create everlasting memory and security for your entire family.

Signage Adds Lasting Beauty

Beautiful entrance signs are a welcoming touch to any neighborhood.

Everlasting Commemorative

Create a tribute that will pay honor for years to come.


We partner with companies that provide the highest quality granite and bronze for statues. Then, by working along side the statue’s purpose, we are inspired to take the memorial to another level of quality in design.  From dedications to memorials we are equipped to Read more…


We realize that burial is not the option for every family. Many times cremation is the more economical and tangible choice for a memorial. We offer many options for cremation memorials that can be used in the Read more…


Responsible and informed are the best ways to make any important decision. Make sure that your memorial plans are made in accordance to your personal wishes and with all options considered. At Brimer Monument Company we strive Read more…

Our family serving your family, for over 70 years.


“I appreciate the compassion shown to me by the staff at Brimer Monument Company, and I know my husband appreciates the beautiful work and attention shown to his memorial.”

Elizabeth J. Sevierville, TN October 21, 2014

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